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March 7, 2018, 12:00 AM

Change Is In The Air - New Programming at P1AG Church

In Matthew 9:16-17 Jesus shares an analogy about an unshrunk patch of material to an old set of pants, because when the patch eventually shrinks it will pull away from the material.  He goes onto to talk about how pouring new wine into old wine skins will cause the old wine skins to burst, because they have already been stretched to their capacity.  He explains the right process saying, "...they pour new wine into new wine skins, and both are preserved. 

God has been stirring up vision among us here at P1AG for some new things that he is wanting to do  and these new things require new wine skins in order to carry them.  We are so privileged to have a God who is continually refreshing us with new ideas and new ways of accomplishing His mission of love - first in Loving God, then in Loving Each Other better and finally in how we Love the People of Our World. 

Greater Emphasis on Going and Giving - LOVING THE PEOPLE OF OUR WORLD
At the close of the last year we began talking about our plans to revamp our efforts to Love the People of Our World.  Our strategy of missions giving and outreach has been simplified in order to maximize our churches connection and participation with those we support and the local outreaches that we are involved in.  We are raising money for ministries in India, Africa, China as well as local missions like Grace Mission (Drug/ Alcohol Addiction), Chi Alpha on the Campus of A-state as well as Youth Alive in Arkansas (outreach to Jr. Sr. High campuses). 

Our Youth and Kids are also getting involved by raising money for missions.  Our kids will be raisning money and giving toward BGMC (Boys and Girls Missions Crusade), which provides teach =ing materials for our Assemblies of God Missionaries at home and abroad.  Our teenagers are raising money and giving toward Speed the Light (STL) which provides vechicles and sound equipment to our Assemblies of God Missionaries in their respective fields.

We are also planning a summer missions trip from our church to Houston, a sports camp for kids in our community this summer and our annual outreaches at Easter and Halloween.  We are so pleased that to date over $8,000 has been pledged by our people toward our $26,830 Missions, Benevolence and Outreach Budget (MBO).

God more recently has been stirring us to refine our efforts as a church to promote our Objective of Loving God and Loving Each Other better.  So we took a hard look at our programming and made some decisions to restructure some things in order to live out these purposes and values better as a Church Body.

Greater Emphasis on Prayer and His Presence - LOVING GOD
As of March 18 we will begin to have a corporate Prayer and Prep Gathering every Sunday morning beginning at 9:45 - 10 AM for all that are inclined to come (ministry leaders and volunteers are required to participate) and intercede and prepare for the ministry that we will be doing that morning in our Sunday Worship Gathering at 10:30 AM.  We will end at 10 AM so that our ministry teams (Worship Team, Kids Church Team, Nursery Workers, Hospitality Team, etc.) can prepare for their respective roles that morning.

On Sunday Nights we will continue to emphasize a deeper sense of God's presence and seeking Him in our weekly Prayer Gathering at 5 PM.  During our Prayer Gathering we spend a majority of the time worshiping and praying with purpose based upon instruction from scripture.


Sunday Schedule:
9:45 - 10 AM - Prayer and Prep Gathering
10:30 AM - Worship Gathering
5 PM - Prayer Gathering

Greater Emphasis on Spiritual and Relational Growth - LOVING EACH OTHER
Beginning April 4 we will be providing multiple options for adults, kids and youth at our weekly Growth Nights starting at 6:30 PM. The first week will actually be a Potluck Dinner where we will introduce the adult Bible Study options and provide time for fellowship and for people to sign-up for the option they want .  The first session of Adult Growth Groups will consist of the following options: (1.) "Ecclesiastes" - taught by Jason and Becky Weatherford, and (2.) "The Life of David" - taught by Matt Gardner.  Thes of course will be accompanied by our Souled Out Youth Group, Kids Club and Nursery.

Wednesday Schedule:
6:30 PM - Adult Growth Groups
6:30 PM - Souled Out Youth Group
6:30 PM - Kids Club
(Nursery Available)

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