Missions/ Humanitarian Outreach

P1AG Supports Missions and Humanitarian Efforts all over the Globe.  P1AG's Monthly Budget Expense to Missions is $1,015.00.  You can help us to be able to give more, by giving to P1AG for missions.  You can also Pray for our Missionaries.  Here is a list of people who we support so that you can lift them up:

Jimmy (Jim) and Theda Bennett – Global initiative 

Shannon Buckner – Europe

James (Jim) and Sue Comer – Nat Am 

Nathan and Beth Davis – CompassionLink, Pastoral Care 

Kurtis Denton - Italy

Kenneth and Elisabeth DeShane – Northern Asia

Scott and Lavonna Ennis - Senegal

David and Sue Hartman – IM 

Bobby (Bob) and Betty Holyfield – Prison Ministry

David and Carolyn Huneycutt – AGWM B.I.

Steve and Karen Jester – Life Publ

Michael (Mike) and De Louton – Shanghai

Samuel (Sam) and Stephanie Maddux – Thailand

Michael (Mike) and Jane McAteer – Shaanxi

John and Tracy Page – Prison Chaplain

Tim and Lesa Petty – Chi Alpha

Addison and Rachelle Rial – Ethiopia

Derek and Tammy Walker – Live Dead, Mali, Africa 

John and Sharon Williamson – Chap

James (Jim) and Julia Wooley – Chi Alpha, ASU


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