2020 Pastors Report - "Legacy: 1920-2020"
February 7, 2020, 4:38 PM

Pastor’s Report: “Legacy: 1920 - 2020”


J.E. Baldwin (1919-1928), Ambers Roy (1930-1931), Guy Walsh (1931-1934), Bill Laster (1934-1935), Ralph Coon (1936-1937), A.A. Bradley (1937-1939), J.S. McMahan (1942-1946), H.L. Blankenship (1946-1948), C.L. Hundley (1948-1951), B. Ferren (1951), J.O. Smith (1951-1959), Hugh Still (1959-1967), J.T. Gates (1967-1985), Mark W. Smith (1985-2003), Shannon D. Morgan (2003–2010), Timothy Snavely (2010-2015)…

The preceding list are the names of those who have served Paragould First Assembly of God in Pastoral leadership. Each name also represents countless numbers of other amazing leaders and committed members who have served and labored for the cause of Jesus Christ’s Kingdom in Paragould and its surrounding communities. Each name is followed in parenthesis with the years served. The dash between those numbered years served represent both trials and victories, great progress and difficult setbacks.

Like the opening of one of the great historical books in our Bible these names and dates also represent the chapter that we play in the Grand narrative that God is orchestrating to His glory. We each play a role and find ourselves in a season and time where those who will follow us will benefit by the rewards of our perseverance, or struggle with the consequences of our abdications. Either way we choose to fulfill our role in our time it will produce fruit which we will pass on to the coming generations.

I am so thankful that we will be celebrating together 100 years of ministry through our church here in Paragould. Rev. J. E. Baldwin and his small church family along with its first board consisting of members William Earhart, A. C. Brown, and S. C. Bell applied for affiliation with the Assemblies of God on February 7, 1920 with affiliation granted on February 12th of that year. I am thankful for the myriad ways in which those that followed them have left us today with a great heritage, blessings and physical assets that we can use as a platform to further Jesus Kingdom here. We will be having a Birthday Celebration of our Church together as a family on February 9th in our Sunday, Worship Service at 10 AM. This year also following the conclusion of our annual observance of the Resurrection of Jesus at Easter we will be having a special 100 Year Celebration Homecoming Weekend with services on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, April 17-19 with special guests: Pastor Mark Smith, our Arkansas District of the Assemblies of God Superintendent Larry Moore and the General Council of the Assemblies of God Superintendent Doug Clay. These times of celebration will be amazing times to reflect and to look forward. I am asking all of our people to invite friends and family along with former members to come and help us celebrate this momentous occasion together.

Beyond the celebrations as important as they are, I am committed to leading our church into its bright promises and blessed future. Foundational in our role will be our commitment first to worshipping and lifting up the name of Jesus, being a house of prayer (Loving God - Matt. 21:13). We must continue to lay down this uncompromised foundation. This also needs to be a house where people can come and grow in their faith and in their lives so that they will be able to pick up the missional purposes Christ has for them in the great story being written. This can only happen through genuine friendship, love and relationship to each other. We have to move beyond facades and shallow acquaintances if we want to grow together in purpose and unity (Loving Each Other - Eph. 4:12-16). Finally, we need to be a people who intentionally and aggressively pursue the great commission which Christ has set before us. There is a hurting community outside the walls of our buildings that need us to notice and take responsibility for reaching out to them and loving them as representatives of the true nature of Jesus Christ (Loving The People of our World – Mk. 16:15-18, Matt. 28:18-20, Acts 1:8). This is the legacy that Jesus left for us and it is the one that we ought to be passing on to the next generations even as they are rising up into leadership and viable ministry now. Will you commit to leading this charge with me in 2020 and into the next century of our church? If we will do our part and play our role the next generations of our church will become that much more successful in the cause of Christ for it. Let’s pass on a powerful legacy.



Loving God,

Loving You and

Loving the People of Our World

(Luke 10:25-37),


Carl and Sarah Friedel (2015 - ____)



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